Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Under the banner of Milla's ceiling

The banner flags hanging from the ceiling along with the "Ms" that I've made

There once was a blog named after a beautiful little girl...

Oh wait!  It's still here - it's just fallen by the wayside while the author attempts to run a house, a non-profit foundation and keep her sanity.  She's been successful at some, but not all of them.

Several projects have been made, but none have been blogged about because it's hard to sit in front of a computer when that's what you do at work all day (right?!).

Well, here's one that I had to share because it was my own idea (yes, really) and it's so simple, I can't think of any reason not to do it; other than if you 1) don't have a sewing machine, 2) don't care about banner flags, 3) don't have time, 4) have no desire to.

As you know, I love banner flags and create personalized ones for my friend's kid's birthdays.  I've made six so far and I'm pretty sure that I've promised another 100 or so to others (I'll get right on it, I promise).  

While I love the banner flags, I despise cutting out the triangles!  When I came across a package of pre-cut triangles ON CLEARANCE at JoAnn's, I knew I had to do something with them.  While they weren't super cheap, they were reasonably priced and worth it.  
$6.97 for 60 flags total (double-sided)

Here's what I did:

  1. Sorted them out and placed two different patterned triangles right sides facing each other 
  2. Nicely sorted

    • In hindsight, it's probably easier to use two of the same patterns - I just wanted that random, bohemian look
  3. Took the easy way out and didn't pin them together - I just straight-stitched down two sides with my machine (you'll need to keep one side open to turn it right-side out). 
  4. Turned them right-side out and ironed them

  5. Sandwiched the two pieces between some bias tape that I purchased from (again, took the easy way out and didn't pin them - I just held them while I ran it through my machine)
    iPhone picture, can you tell?

  6. Tried hanging it in no less than five places in Peaches' room before deciding that the ceiling was best
    Notice the camera on the wall?  How Big Brother of us :)

I bought another set and can't wait to make more - it just might be another six to ten months!

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  1. great project and blog. I want to be you when I grow up