Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spirit Fingers

It's Super Bowl time here in Seattle and there is nothing like it.  The city is electric and everyone is representing in Blue and Green! GO HAWKS!

Earlier in the season, we were at Peaches McGee's cousin's house watching the game and these people with silly pom-pom gloves appeared on TV.  Someone commented on how cool they were and I (stupidly) blurted out, "I'll make a pair for everyone if the Seahawks go to the Super Bowl."  

Cue the pom-pom sweat factory.

I asked the hubby to pick up a few pairs of gloves since apparently it's difficult to find them in most stores in January (WUT?!) Okay - I may have only gone to one store, but I hate shopping! 

He came home with three which was a huge relief - only 30 pom-poms to make.  Wait, did I say ONLY 30?  That's what I thought until I felt like my fingers were going to bleed after making 32 (of course I ruined two in the process of sewing them to the gloves - grrrrrr.)

Here are the supplies and instructions are below:

  • Send husband out to buy gloves because you can't stand going to more than one store

  • Make a pom-pom for each finger - I used a pom-pom maker like this one and a video tutorial on how to use it may be found  here.  Make more than you need... you WILL ruin at least one of them. 

  • Sew the pom-poms to the mittens with embroidery thread that matches the color of the mittens.  I sewed through the pom-pom from top to bottom and then attached it to the mitten by sewing through the tops of the fingers (without a an actual finger in them).  There's a seam there already, so it doesn't add any bulk and looks seamless (no pun intended).
  • Make your child model them even those she doesn't want to!

There you have it; now you have the ability to cheer with your fingers!

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