Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Etsy Store is Up and Running!

I'm still working on listing everything, so if you've seen something I've made and would like to order it, message me and I will create a custom listing! 

To find me, search for Reiderses; that's my shop name (Peaches McGee was taken)!

Happy shopping!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"M" I Missing Something?

I have an obsession and it's with the letter 'M' because that's the first letter of Peaches McGee's real name (Milla).  I have a few that I've purchased, but haven't hung yet, so I decided to get at least one of them up.  My first attempt was punching out paper flowers and gluing them on.  It was ugly so I decided to try something else!

I had a canvas board that had been sitting in my craft room for a while.  I decided to wrap it with fabric and then staple gun it nice and tightly around the canvas.  I then painted green dots on the 'M' (after removing the glued flowers) and when it dried, I used regular craft glue and mounted it to the fabric-covered canvas.  I liked it enough to hang in her room and she liked it enough to say, "Oooooh, Mommy! Thank you for my pretty decoration!"



Clearance craft paint (I love a deal!)

Back of the canvas with the fabric stapled to it

Front of the canvas

Dots on my 'M' - I just used a pencil eraser dipped in paint to get the "perfect" dots

Project (almost) complete!

I wasn't 100% satisfied because I realized that all of the other 'M's were hanging, so I took two pieces of ribbon, stapled it to the back of the canvas and tied a bow.  Much better!