Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Someone Needs a Crane-iotomy… And For Once it’s Not Me!

With joy in my heart, I write this blog entry knowing that it may be a while before I write another.  I was just named Executive Director of the CLP Foundation and I couldn’t be happier.  I worked really hard to obtain my CLP (Certified Lease Professional) several years ago, and now I get to return to an industry that I love and an incredible group of colleagues that I missed. 

On to the project.

I buy a book… a big, expensive book.  It’s called, “Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Craft:s An A-to-Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration.”  She has the audacity to include a paper craft on cranes?!  Origami cranes?! 

A little background.  In third grade when I was in Mr. Higa’s class (RIP Mr. Higa), we made origami cranes.  Whoever made the best one got to go around to the other classes and teach them how to do it (we were attempting to make one thousand cranes at T.T. Minor).  Being the perfectionist that I am, I wound up winning and got to teach everyone how to do it.  Wow.  That really sounds like I’m bragging, doesn’t it?  I guess I am. 

But that was third grade.  This is big girl’s life and why in God’s name is there a craft for making origami cranes?  Am I mistaken, or does the title include, “Endless Inspiration.”  Really?  I buy an expensive book to learn to make origami cranes? 

Alas… my response was to make it with pirate cardstock.  I’m such a rebel badass.

However, I had more projects to keep me busy.  First, the crayon roll.

It’s not exciting; nor is it sexy (that’s the word that everyone uses now for everything, including food).  But it is useful and I think it’s pretty cute.  I used this tutorial but before sewing the pieces together, I embroidered “Shaya” on it (the name of the adorable little girl that I made it for).

I also made some monogrammed napkins for my friend Shelby who just purchased a beautiful new house with her husband.  I love the colors of khaki and black together, so when I found the khaki napkins, I had to use black for the embroidery.  She kept her name and while I was tempted to use their ‘made-up’ joint name (Montsworth), I refrained and used the first initial of each of their last names. 

Lastly, I made two more flag pennant banners for two of the cutest little girls, Olive and Kenley.  Their mom consulted with me beforehand and didn’t want a contrived look, so I used a different piece of fabric for each flag and different colored embroidery for the girls.  I love the look!

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  1. Wow, you have been busy and have put me to shame. Love the embroidery and you have surpassed me in your expertise. Clever with the crayons and great for travel. Show me the origami some day. I tried once and failed miserbly