Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mmmmmmm Bop!

After reading that title, I hope that god awful song isn't stuck in your head like it is in mine. If you don't know what song I'm referring to, consider yourself lucky! 

So why did I pick that as the title of my post?  I'm running out of creative ways to describe my 'M' obsession!

This time I tackled a project using Washi tape.  What is Washi, you ask?  It's a wonderful piece of colorful paper that has an adhesive backing, almost like fabric tape but thinner and easy to tear.  I've used it in so many different ways and most creatively, as a cheap alternative to a Band-Aid on all of Peaches McGee's dolls' "boo-boos."  

My only supplies were: 
  1. Cardboard 'M' that I picked up at JoAnn's or Michael's or Hobby Lobby (can't remember, and all of them carry them) 
  2. Washi tape (I used four different patterns)
  3. Sharp scissors or an Exacto knife
  4. Acrylic paint and paintbrush (optional)
  5. Two eye hooks for hanging (optional).
Washi tape that I used
Cardboard letter

I then alternated strips of Washi tape across the letter trying really hard to keep everything straight. 

Washi tape in place

Once I had the letter covered, I first took some sharp scissors and cut off the excess tape and then painted the sides white with acrylic craft paint.

Here you can see the white edges

Finally, to hang it, I screwed in two eye hooks to the top of the letter and then threaded some ribbon and hung it up on Peaches McGee's wall! 

Now some new pics of Peaches McGee's bedroom.  And there's actually one more 'M' hiding behind the pink hanging lamp!

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