Friday, May 20, 2011

Lilliputian Envelopes

Wow Martha!  You’ve really outdone yourself this time.  The next time I get invited to a Lilliputian’s birthday party, I’ll be ready to give them the cutest card/envelope ever!!!

Before you make a snide remark that I probably missed the instructions that state you should “enlarge” the template, I didn’t.  I looked everywhere and didn’t see any. 

Whoops!  I take that back.  As I was writing up my recap, I re-read the instructions and she states that you should “Photocopy a template to your desired size.”  My suggestion: BE MORE CLEAR.  Why not something such as, “The templates provided in this book are for ‘little people.’ You need to enlarge the templates in order to write any other word besides ‘hi.’”
Templates provided in the back of the book
Keep in mind that the grid you see below is in INCHES.  Each square is a square inch.  Hopefully that gives you some perspective because while I learned in Geography class a long time ago, they used to place a pack of cigarettes in the picture to give a feel for the size of the object, I don’t smoke, thus no cigarette packs around.

I'm not too into crafting alone, so Lauren came over, we had a beer and she created some 'Just Moved' cards (since she'll be moving to Cincinnati shortly).  Boo.  What is it with all of my friends moving??? 

Below is the template that she recreated, FREEHAND no less, next to the one provided in the book.

My Lilliputian envelope, and Lauren's "normal"-sized envelope
There were four templates total, and in the following picture, I displayed them in their original Lilliputian size as well as an enlarged size.   

And it wouldn't be a complete blog post without one more Hipstamatic picture of the finished project.

To seal the envelopes, I just used a circle-punch on a coordinating piece of paper and then glued it on.  It's not resealable, but I think it's kind of cute!

Hey, I just thought of a bonus for the tiny envelopes!  You could use the left-over confetti from a 3-hold punch to seal them!  THEY'RE THAT SMALL.

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